David has spent over two decades working as a carpenter, woodworker and teacher. He has an MFA in painting, has exhibited around the world and painted murals all over the Northeast, including many for The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. Designing and constructing toys serves as an outlet for his passion to create, while utilizing the woodworking skills he's acquired over the years.



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The seeds of this business were planted about 9 years ago. A tumultuous, three year journey to conceive their child led his wife Amy to investigate how toxins could be having an impact on her health. She quickly learned that carcinogenic flame retardants and hormone disruptors lurked in everyday products, and even seemingly harmless wooden toys were being recalled for excessive lead in their paint. In 2012, she started a group on facebook for buying and selling used toys made of natural materials. The goal was to make safe toys more accessible. From there, her website The Mindful Home evolved as a means of educating people of the dangers of toxins, and providing them with safer options that were responsibly made either in the US or Europe. After spending years immersing herself in the world of wooden toys, the idea to showcase David's talents and move forward with Hearthside Toys began to take shape.


While the business concept was blossoming, their desire to surround their daughter with natural playthings led them to discover the Waldorf school where they enrolled her. The Waldorf influence can be noted in the designs by the smooth, graceful curves and the sense of warmth that the pieces instill. Hearthside Toys is committed to providing unique, beautiful and longlasting toys for children that are made of nontoxic, locally sourced materials.


There are many designs in the works, so check back often to find out what's new!